About This Blog

Have these incidents happened to you before?

“Oh god, help me! How do I carry on conversation with that pretty girl?”

“I’ve got to ask the time from that handsome young man, but I do not know how! My mind is blank.”

“She said “Hi” to me…but I do not know what to reply…there goes my chance…”

“Why did I say “Thank you”? She just said “How are you?”. I should have replied “I’m fine, thank you”, not just “Thank you””

“I cannot go to the party, but should I say? I do not want to hurt her feelings.”

“I’m just expressing my opinion about the dress. She should not have taken the comments seriously.”

“Why did I just smile when she said “Hi”? I should have said something. Why does my mind have to go blank now?”

For fear of others noticing, you do not have to said yes out loud. I understand your dilemma. 🙂

This is what this blog is all about: helping you to overcome your conversation blunders. This blog will give you tips and hints on how to perform better in conversation, to give better reply or reaction, to start or end a conversation, to accept or even decline an invitation. Apart form that, this blog will also expose you to the do’s and don’ts in communication.

You may explore this blog at your own expense. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you follow the sequence of activities provided as to achieve the maximum result!

All the best and good luck.

Before I forget, actually, this site is produced as a partial requirement of course assignments for SKBI6133 Computer Application in ESOL course offered at UKM for Semester II 2011/2011. 🙂

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